Stratus Designs Ltd. is a specialized technical consultancy bringing a unique perspective to the planning, layout, design, commissioning and inspection of cannabis and hemp cultivation and processing facilities.


Stratus works with owners & developers to design the layout and operation of cannabis facilities for efficient workflows, optimal crop yield, maximum cleanliness, and adherence to GMP & other relevant standards.

Stratus’ staff have expertise spanning the duration of facility planning, design, and construction, including:

  • Site layout planning;

  • Development servicing;

  • Facility layout & workflow planning;

  • HVAC Design;

  • Facility commissioning;

  • Facility inspection.


Our goal is to provide clear project direction from the outset.


Our planning and preliminary design services provide crucial guidance through subsequent detailed design and construction phases, resulting in a facility that is optimized for yields and work flow, and designed to meet GACP and GMP standards.


Most cannabis crop failures are caused by poor control of environmental conditions or contamination of cultivation areas, leading to decreased crop yield or even complete crop loss due to bacteria or mould issues. Proper facility layout and design of HVAC systems mitigate these contamination risks, and lead to both increased yield and a higher quality product. HVAC is the single largest energy cost in most cannabis cultivation facilities, and Stratus’ unique design solutions ensure maximum efficiency.

Stratus Designs Ltd. provides peace-of-mind that the significant capital required for design and construction of cannabis and hemp production and processing facilities is used to efficiently capitalize on an ever-changing market.

Cannabis and hemp producers and processors that work with Stratus know that their facility has been designed from inception with a focus on compliance, efficiency, long-term reliability, and profitability.